We are an architectural studio located on the beautiful Lago Maggiore. Our mission is to help you realize your dream home in the stunning areas of the northern Italian lakes,

whether it will be directly on the lake or with the view of the lake and the white snow-capped Alps or even in the surrounding areas. We know how difficult and stressful it can be for a foreigner to build or renovate a home abroad considering the language barrier and the difference in culture or administrative processes and rules. We will take care of you and your project through every step of the way until it is completed to your liking.

Whether you choose a villa in Liberty style for renovation: modern or classic, an ultra-modern house, a cottage in the countryside, or a small but sophisticated and well maintained apartment, we can design it all for you. If your house needs renovation but you would like to maintain its original features, we will make sure that the style and all the details that make the house unique will be preserved. The estimate of the cost for the renovation or new construction of a house can be calculated by our team. We ensure you that our work will truly make you feel at home in your new house.

If you have already found or have bought some land, we can design your home from the first stone, both the interior and exterior. We have extensive experience in the design of new buildings. Because of this, we can provide you with interior designs for your home and your garden for you to choose from. We will supervise the whole execution of the work accurately.

We offer a complete package

Also, we are more than happy to join you in visiting the house or piece of land you would like to buy. If you haven’t found anything that you like we have a network of contacts to offer you properties for sale. In addition, we will advise you on the value and potential for improvement of a house or piece of land, as well as any costs of operation. We will work closely together during the course of the project as there will be an ongoing consultation between our team and the Italian craftsmen in order to check if their work is up to par and according to your liking.

In short

Every aspect of our work is geared towards making sure that what you want for your house is realized from the first stone to the finishing touch. To ensure this, we will keep you updated and duly informed on every little detail, of course in your own language. We believe in open communication and we know that this will make the work very manageable for all of us. Should a problem arise, rest assured we will find the solution.

Our goal is to take care of everything for the realization of your home. We strive for excellence.

We are always ready to answer your questions. If there is something unclear, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Our studio LakeViewProject is located in Angera that lies on the magnificent Lago Maggiore, one of the largest lakes in Italy that stretches for almost 70 kilometers from Arona to Locarno (Switzerland). It is known for its beautiful flora and fauna and well-known sights such as the Borromeo islands and the Castle of Angera. Its mild climate and easy accessibility from Milan renders this area particularly attractive for a second home. These are just a few reasons why many Italian and foreign investors own property here.

Various villas with beautiful immense gardens create a structured beauty among the more refreshing natural wonders around the area. The lake itself offers breathtaking views of the Alps and displays the spectacular pink scenery of the Monte Rosa. It is also an ideal location for winter sports and mountain lovers because of the many great ski resorts with stunning views to be found within a two hours drive. Moreover, Lago Maggiore is easily accessible by plane as Milan Malpensa airport is conveniently located at a 20 minutes drive and offers great flights. Furthermore, the airport of Bergamo is a bit farther but also has good flight connections.

Our studio concentrates on the Italian side of the lake and we mainly operate in places like Verbania, Stresa, Arona, Sesto Calende, Angera, Ispra, Monvalle, Laveno, Luino and basically all the small villages on the Piedmontese or Lombard coast. We also have a vast network in Varese, around Lago di Monate and Lago d’ Orta and in the surroundings of Lago di Como.

It is not surprising that many VIPs chose this beautiful region for their perfect second home destination.


Via Canneto 9, 21021 Angera (VA) Italy



Via Canneto 9, 21021 Angera (VA) Italy


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